Who we are

Dayal is 37 year old Agri-business conglomerate, founded in 1979. All group companies are ISO 9001 certified. FRESCCO NUTRATION is a subsidiary of DAYAL Industries. Our local farm sourcing makes the biggest difference to our egg quality.

our history

  • Our story begins back in 2017. We realised that Indian market was deprived of fresh quality eggs and were served with no other option than to purchase factory produced eggs that have been expired for a long time ago with no accountability. The taste, freshness and nutrition was all compromised. We decided to start aggregating fresh eggs from local farm owners thus giving them better margins and encouraging humane treatment of hens without compromising the quality of eggs.

Why Frescco ?

Frescco core mission is to bring farm fresh eggs to the table by coordinating a collection of farms to operate with a well defined set of agricultural practices . By promoting the superior nature of the products, we want to encourage consumers to migrate from their traditional factory egg choices, and by doing so, create opportunities for more family farms to convert from harmful industrial practices.